Connecting In LifeGroups

We often equate large followings or large amounts of fame with impact, but what if impact and transformation actually happens in some of the smallest times in our lives? What if what we do for a few people actually has more potential than what we do for many?

That's what LifeGroups area all about. Doing life together. Maximizing the connection, trust and fun that comes with being committed to a small group of people. When you are connected to a small group at LifeSource, you can expect support, challenge and transformation as God works through those relationships to impact your life.

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Finding a Group that Fits you

The process of connecting to a LifeGroup that fits your schedule and your comfort level is probably the most daunting part of the LifeGroup process. That's why we've created grouplink. In this two hour socially driven event you will have the opportunity to meet lots of people like you, who are looking for a LifeGroup. You will come away from grouplink having arranged a meeting place and time with some of these people that felt most comfortable for you.

You will then have the opportunity to embark on an 8 week journey with those in your new LifeGroup. At the end of these two months, you will have the opportunity to reflect on whether the group still seems like a good fit for you. If it does, you can commit to 16 more months together. If it doesn't, it's not a big deal. Simply sign up again for the next group link!

The next GroupLink will be this coming August.