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The death and resurrection of Jesus represent the most generous gifts ever given – when the King of Glory gave up everything in order to reconcile us to God. Giving cheerfully, sacrificially, and consistently is a part of our worship. When we are generous with others, we remind one another of the great generosity of our God. If you would like to make a one-time gift or set up recurring automatic giving online please follow the link below. Thank you for your generosity.

When a follower of Jesus thinks about money the first thing to keep in mind is everything is the Lord’s. Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it…” So what we like to call “ours” is really only ours as mangers for the true owner God.

Two primary categories of transferring money to God’s work:


• EVERYTHING we do at the local church (beyond the pastor’s salaries) must find funding from local church budget.

• Our fiscal year runs January 1 - December 31

• All records are open for review and explanation

• We are exacting in honoring the giver’s intention for their gift.


• 10% of one’s increase (profit after the cost of doing business)

• ALL the Tithe (100%) is not retained at the local church but is all sent to Rocky Mountain Conference

• Tithe pays our pastors and part of the school teachers at Mile High Academy

• Rocky Mountain Conference operates on about 75 cents of every Tithe dollar

• 25% goes to support other levels of church work

In an effort to be more efficient and better stewards of time and resources we are transitioning to a different financial software. We are encouraging everyone who gives online to use the new system. The new system will allow you to set up reoccurring gifts as well as track your giving all in one place. Beyond that, you'll be able to print out your own charitable donations receipt for tax purposes.

In the mean time you can still access AdventistGiving HERE. We hope to transition completely to our new system soon, so please make an effort to set up a new account.

Thanks for being a part of what we do here at LifeSource.